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Research Review Rising Inequality Schools

Question: Talk about the Research Review for Rising Inequality Schools. Answer: Presentation The exploration audit plans to comprehend, contextualize and assess how quantitative information is created and used. So as to achieve the current assignment, the audit would consider media announcing of a bit of exploration distributed in the current year, which delivered quantitative information on a picked subject of sociological intrigue. This audit would choose a media revealing from the Daily Express and the overview was finished by ComRes. Basic Analysis The chose report centers around youngsters from oppressed foundations, experiencing absence of social portability with regards to training. In the UK, it is seen that the youthful understudies from oppressed foundations are less inclined to select college programs contrasted with their friends with wealthier family foundation. The information got from an overview of 1002 college understudies, who were concentrating in college in the UK. Information were estimated by sexual orientation, college gathering and age. The information were assembled by ComRes, an individual from the British Polling Council ( 2016). ComRes did the overview for Teach First, a social endeavor, which is recorded as a cause, endeavors to manage instructive weakness in Wales and England. The chose populace was the college understudies and information were estimated by sexual orientation, college gathering and age, which demonstrate the use of purposive arbitrary examining by the examination gathering. In arbitrary testing, people in the objective populace get an equivalent possibility of choice. Purposive examining is organized to fill a particular need. In the chose research, encounters of the understudies with respect to college confirmation have been investigated. In this way, determination of the college understudies was exceptionally noteworthy, as they are the most appropriate people, who could viably communicate their sentiments, perspectives and concerns with respect to college organization. The chose examination speaks to online field-work, which is a kind of exploration procedure that considers ethnographic elements made by means of PC helped social association. As found in this overview, ComRes studied college understudies and furthermore ordered dependent on sexual orientation, college gathering and age. As a piece of social examination, considering ethnography of the study is exceptionally noteworthy. It empowers the analysts to front society from the point of view of the investigation subjects. Thinking about this, the scientists have stated inquiries, for example, when a member understudy chose to apply for college, impacting factors that caused them to apply to the University of their Choice, etc. The inquiries were stated in a clear manner with the goal that the members don't delay to reply. The information were accumulated in a suitable manner. It is apparent that the specialists while discovered larger part of the respondents express a specific sentiment, they enough permitted them to communicate an elective assessment. For example, the respondents were gotten some information about the compelling elements that help their preferred understudies to pick a college. Respondents, who concurred about the nearness of an affecting element, were additionally overviewed to comprehend a particular factor, by giving them choices like course notoriety, college notoriety, budgetary elements, separation of the college from home, suggestion, peer factor, etc. Another conspicuous help in this setting would be that the understudies were gotten some information about wellsprings of data that may have affected their choice to select for college. Respondents, who have consented to the utilization of data, were additionally enquired to comprehend the most favored alternative, similar to a college visit, counsel from relatives, data from school, business experts, etc. From the review it was discovered that practically 21% of the college understudies are certain about their application to a college of their decision. College understudies from wealthier socio-affordable foundation (grade An and grade B), 48% and 45%, separately are probably going to apply for their higher examinations contrasted with understudies from lower social evaluation (grade C1 and C2), 34% and 30%, individually. 81% understudies report that their loved ones anticipate that them should enlist for higher investigations, while, 19% astounded their loved ones by applying to a college. College notoriety is a central point that the understudies consider indeed (71%), while applying for higher investigations in a college of their decision ( 2016). Because of this study, different critical recommendations have risen up out of separate higher specialists. For example, with a quick change in the instruction framework, reintroduction of punctuation schools to create social versatility has been recommended. Changes in government approaches have likewise been distinguished. Changes ought to incorporate advancement of more related methodologies, which would interface singular strides of a youthful people instruction venture. The report likewise uncovered three significant deterrents that the understudies from the oppressed gathering face to seek after advanced education. The understudies from helpless social foundation fall behind their wealthy companions in accomplishment. They present insufficient mindfulness with respect to circumstances in the colleges and they barely get quality help, which could change desire to the real world. These thus show a need to sufficiently manage the issues in a blended manner so as to guarantee sensible access to the college. Better practices should be executed so as to bring more participation up in schools however improved authority and instructing. The capable specialists need to offer powerful preparing with the goal that they could expand more help f or the understudies and ensure that they comprehend plausible choices and take right choices. A report by Kent County Council, likewise referenced about the adequacy of the reintroduction of language structure schools to create social versatility (Kent County Council 2016). This information offers a help to the discoveries revealed in the Daily Express. It is likewise obvious from the current writing that that the legislature of the particular states, training specialists, strategy creators are consented to the way that they have to combine their endeavors in an arranged manner and assume the liability to help progress, absence of which could make them to pass up on the chances to assemble better countries at the current period of fast globalization. The instruction of the oppressed kids ought to be at the core of related plans. Gregory et al. (2010) correspondingly bolstered the possibility of functional and practical proposal like working cooperatively with guardians, understudies and schools to empower better commitment with the families and guardians by the punctuation sc hools and grade schools. This would additionally advance more noteworthy effort containing better degree to get selected eminent colleges to seek after higher examinations, better arrangement and coaching, dispensing with money related boundaries like school transport, etc. Duncan and Murnane (2011) in such manner have referenced about prioritization and execution of Student premium while consenting to confirmation arrangements. Another report distributed by the International Business Times (2014) showed relationship between low instructive result and guardians instructive level, which exhibited that kids will in general have low instructive result if their folks had low degree of training. It is likewise settled that youngsters from oppressed family go to schools with constrained assets and offices that thus thwart them from getting to great quality childcare and early training. Lacking monetary assets create pressure and melancholy, which influence the guardians to help their kids . Be that as it may, the report didn't give any quantitative informational index, nearness of which would have improved the genuineness of the report. The picked report gives a decent record of the examination. The poll overview further guarantees the precision and unwavering quality of the distributed outcomes. Comparative report distributed by the New York Times, showed the nearness of instruction hole among poor and rich, which in developing at a fast rate (Porter 2015). The report significantly centers around racial variations in the instruction by considering the kids from the African-American foundation. A grade shortage was shown in specific subjects. Moreover, the report likewise centered around the kids from lower financial foundation and investigated the difficulties they face while wanting to seek after higher examinations. Unexpected frailty issues were distinguished as one of the significant block that limit the youngsters from heading off to the private pre-schools and other enhancement openings like additional exercises, expressions, music, sports, etc, as significant measure of the family unit pay spent to get to we llbeing administrations. Consequently, it could be expressed that choice of the current media report is likewise appropriate. Reardon (2011) in such manner has referenced about the challenges instructors face while serving the minority and helpless youngsters. A few instructors accept that overseeing youngsters originating from oppressed network is progressively troublesome. Educators likewise need to convey exceptionally essential guidance as the hindered understudies ought to comprehend, which demonstrates the presence of an immense hole. The capability hole could be limited and accomplishment could be leveled at the fundamental time of instruction, up to 14years (Riddell 2013). This training would at last close the holes exits in school enlistment. A report by Tavernise (2012) showed that the arrangement creators are thinking and actualizing past improving educational plans and educators. So as to update oppressed understudies, guardians are additionally urged to participate in the community oriented endeavors. The guardians are educated about accepted procedures in child rearing, expanding their pays an d supporti

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Music has no Language Barrier Essay Example For Students

Music has no Language Barrier Essay Music has no Language Barrier We all presently realize that Korean popular music is ruling the music business nowadays. Numerous haters says that global fans cannot comprehend what they are stating, for all they know, they night be reviling the fans without them knowing it. Trust me, I have met numerous individuals, in all actuality or on the web, who despises Korean Music. In any case, is it wrong to cherish them without realizing their native language? I think there are just 1/3 individuals who are receptive and the other 2/3 are on the whole close disapproved of individuals. That is to say, male call the male icons gays. Dont they Just feel unreliable on the grounds that the male symbols are too Andromeda and also capable? What's more, when a male like Korean Music individuals would Judge him as gays, well I think bonbons are the ones who have bunches of mental fortitude since they dont care what others thinks, its what they like so nobody has the privilege to Judge them. Of course, I will concede that their are Korean Fans would go insane and pursue their objects of worship around the town of Seoul however it just shows that they love them profoundly that they need to make their golden calves notice them. Much the same as in one of the anises I have viewed. The hero would circumvent saying Sensei, if it's not too much trouble notice me! I think its like that. From what I have seen individuals who love Korean music will in general be increasingly critical in picking the individuals who they need to have a relationship with. Since they need that particular individual to have the measures to be Just similar to their deity. Music has no language hindrance. In the event that you like the music, at that point hear it out. On the off chance that you need to comprehend what they are stating realize the language. Symbols do learn other language so they speak with their fans. So Just like that gain proficiency with the language and you can speak with your object of worship on the web or in actuality. By AsdfghJk1142

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Five Social Insurances and One Housing Fund Essay Example for Free

Five Social Insurances and One Housing Fund Essay As indicated by figure 1, it demonstrated that the compensation proportion of Shanghai undertaking was higher than Beijing and Guangzhou while the proportion for people were the equivalent. The explanation of the high proportion charge is to secure the laborers salary, with the goal that the laborers would not have to pay half of their pay for protection installment. Accordingly, the expectations for everyday comforts for the laborers wouldâ keep in normal. In this couple of years, the improvement of different urban communities in China was as a rule quick and the protection bundle was appealing to laborers. So there was a serious existed among Shanghai and the creating urban communities. The Shanghai venture needed to hold their laborers to remain in Shanghai for work and keep the quality and amount of the business. Along these lines, the standard for the rate pay of big business would be higher than others. When a laborer come to the resign age, the specialist will be qualified for get the protection premium. This approach would be one of the strategies to draw in and hold the nearby specialist to work. Then again, as the lodging fortunate store was not a lawful installment in the Labor Act. So the rate for both venture and people in Shanghai was the equivalent, 7% each. In the perspective on HR, the expense for the endeavor would be lower and the serious weight would be less. Furthermore, for the individual, they would set aside the cash to purchase a property. In conclusion, Shanghai has worked superbly in the 5 protection and lodging reserve than different urban communities like Guangzhou. Despite the fact that the endeavor need pay more than different urban areas, the laborers would take the best advantages and be increasingly faithful to the organization. Part 3: IMPACTS ON EMPLOYER The social protection framework has executed for quite a long while, the time has come to survey its effects on neighborhood undertakings in Shanghai, China. The most genuinely the framework forced an overwhelming weight on working expense of business. As indicated by the Social Insurance Policy, endeavors should make a commitment to every one of these kinds of government managed savings for the benefit of their representatives. Representatives are likewise required to make commitment to some of them. A Taiwaness venture in Shanghai announced the Law has expanded its work cost on protection investment by 50 percent, which is mostly because of the augmentation of protection inclusion that prompts the ascent in premium installment and related costs. In 2010, urban annuity, clinical, joblessness, word related injury and maternity protection inside and out recorded an individual time of 1.108 billion, 84 million more than that of 2009. The all out pay and use of the National Social Insurance Fund came to RMB1.86 trillion and RMB1.48 trillion, expanded by15.7% and 20.4% individually when contrasted and those of 2009. 2 Teacher Wang Yanzhong, Director, Labor and Socail Security Research Center Chinese Academy of Social Science, Prospects and Impacts of Social Insurance Law Implementation, Road to China, Spring 2011 A noteworthy piece of the expanded costs originated from the upsurge of ventures costs which brought down intensity of undertakings as the majority of the capital asset would establish the primary piece of the installment framework. Likewise, there were ascend in the work cost of endeavors, particularly in those work concentrated ones, and in this manner bosses may power to lay off specialists or slice compensation so as to stay with the alive. Be that as it may, in the long haul, the development in social protection inclusion would build up an increasingly normalized and stable work condition, which is significant in keeping up businesses trust in their endeavors and fortifying their awareness of other's expectations and attachment. Section 4: IMPACTS ON EMPLOYEE For the effect of worker, In request to protect the real rights and interests of representatives and building an agreeable society , the legislature not just overwhelmingly advances the government managed savings work and extending the inclusion of the five protection in China. This strategy is huge stretch out to pick up the acknowledgment and backing by the all areas of the network . Some socially dependable organization additionally accepts that the usage of this arrangement will be advantage to workers for future thus numerous companiesâ actively to acquisition of five protection for their representatives . The execution of social protection for workers with long haul benefits ,, for example, when a representative arrives at retirement age , the person can get month to month annuity until his passing ; under the standardized savings . On the off chance that ladies representatives pay maternity protection can get limits repayment of costs including pre-birth assessment and careful costs . Next to, under the business, representatives can acquire 2 to 3 month to month remuneration through joblessness protection, it can adequately to settle and insurance of workers everyday costs during times of joblessness . Worker additionally can remove the lodging opportune assets for lodging related consumption purposes . Be that as it may, because of some neighborhood government in the improvement the standard installment of five protection that requires venture as per the normal compensation to pay, as opposed to the real measure of pay subject to every industry. Since most of representatives compensation is not exactly the normal pay , if the administration agreement with normal pay as an installment standard, the outcome is manager would deduct a huge total of cash in the workers their pay, in the long run workers wage they gain is less. Likewise, because of the approach and standard of buys social protection is decent variety by various territory in china, when remote representatives come back to old neighborhood from nearby, Employees need require the Ministry of Labor to cut off of the standardized savings association before they can get back the parity on the individual record. Hence, it would prompt workers on future retirement not be ensured ; On the other hand , the organization pay for representatives government disability charges can't carry the advantage to workers ,the outcome that would diminish the energy of undertakings to take an interest in social protection An ol d-age protection can be intrude on ed. In the event that the workers pay more, he will get more annuities. Be that as it may, the q uality of life can't be ensured after retirement . Numerous workers feel that government disability has been consideredâ and it is so complete . Accordingly they are no compelling reason to have other money related Truth be told, the annuity equation is very perplexing, yet for the most part can be determined as follows: 20% of the normal wages of individual records a sum of 120. Clearly, the government managed savings benefits can't ensure the personal satisfaction after retirement. Consequently, the HR of the organization can decide to business protection for annuity enhance and give it to the workers. For instance, it can incorporate the wellbeing security and mishap assurance. Likewise, if the annuity plan of the business protection is lapsed, the workers will get some cash as a benefits supplement. Those protection are appropriate for youngsters, for example, some as of late wedded, capital venture isn't sufficient. Along these lines, it will assist with drawing in and hold the individuals to join the organization. Also, the Health protection is progressively significant in light of the fact that I f it is hindered for over a quarter of a year, it will lose viability . There are numerous prerequisite of utilizing the medical coverage, for example, numerous limitations about use in other p rovince . It is hard to move and use in other territory. At long last, not every single clinical practice approach protection, for example, plastic medical procedure, expanded nearsightedness rectification and other clinical costs. Accordingly the HR can configuration to get some inpatient clinical stipend to the workers . Those legislative issues can assist with giving the security, pull in, hold and rouse to the workers.

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Social Media Marketing - 1100 Words

Social Media Marketing (Term Paper Sample) Content: Social Media[Authorà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬s Name][Instructorà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬s Name][Institute][Course Title][Date]AbstractThis paper aims to discuss marketing in social media with respect to a key social media outlet. The social media to be analyzed in this paper will be Twitter. The paper will discuss four components of a social media marketing manager who is legally astute. The paper will also analyze effective dispute resolution alternatives and determine the most effective dispute resolution procedures in solving genuine disputes. Also discussed will be how federal governments control consumer transactions that happen as a result of social media marketing links. The paper will also examine three key government branches that control consumer transactions over social media.Components of a Social Media Marketing Manager Who Is Legally AstuteThe four main components of a social media marketing manager who is legally astute are: * An attitude that is proactive towards various regulatio ns and legal issues.During different stages of developing and executing business strategies, management teams are usually formed legally. In order to take advantage of the numerous innovations and to save these teams from government deregulation, proactive approaches towards regulations have to be taken. In the instance of Twitter social media, a reaction-counteraction approach would have to be taken by the manger to view its legal status with respect to Twitterà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬s social media marketing. * Having the ability to rely on informed judgment whenever decisions that involve legal implications arise.Legal rules should always be applied in an informed way but not like formulae application of science. This is because legal outcomes result in facts that can be dramatic. As such, there is usually lacks a clear precedent that can serve as a guide. However, it is required of a social manager to always make informed judgments. Social media managers that are legally astute are thereby th ose who make informed decisions despite uncertainties of outcomes. The ability to make informed judgments ensures that formal legal training in legal matters can benefit astute marketing (Smith, Zhou Wollan, 2011). * Possessing knowledge of legal resources, regulations, tools and specific laws.This component ensures that risks are managed. This component also increases realizable values for management teams that are legally astute. In this instance, while Twitter is developing its business, its external environment and overall business strategy would have to vary with respect to the most relevant legal resources and tools that are known to the firmà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬s social media manager. Applications of legal tools and resources should always be learned and only those applied to their specific contexts should be applied. As such, the social media manger should always have a certain level of legal literacy in order to be termed as legally astute. For instance, having broad experience in a pplication of legal tools such as contracts is essential in social media marketing. * Having a value laden attitudeThis means that it is required of a social media manager to acknowledge the key importance of law in determining a firmà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬s success. The role a social media marketing manager plays with respect to law determines and affects moral values and expectations by the society. This means that is Twitterà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬s manager would ensure that importance of law in the firmà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬s success is considered whenever making decisions.Dispute ResolutionDispute resolution procedures that can be relied on whenever disputes arise as a result of purchases made via social media include: * Arbitration * Mediation * Neutral evaluation * Settlement conferences * NegotiationThese methods of dispute resolution usually provide disputing parties with platforms where disputes can be solved in an active listening way, mutual respect, and good explanations of information surrounding the dis pute (Atlas, Trachte-Huber, Huber, 2000). These methods also assist in gathering vital information that can be relied on in evaluating new alternatives.The most effective dispute resolution alternative to solve genuine disputes that arise whenever consumer make purchases arising from social media links, in this case Twitter, would be negotiation. This is because when sellers and consumers make purchases out of social media links, the agreements may not be necessarily binding. This would ensure that an out of court settlement is utilized, such that negotiation would be the most appropriate dispute resolution procedure in such instances.Government Control on Social Media Link TransactionsThere are various principles that federal governments can always utilize in controlling consumer transactions that arise from social media links, in this case Twitter. For instance, federal governments can make use of advancements in technology to ensure that transactions emerging from social media l inks are protected and safe. Payment control parameters that configure and protect consumer transactions can be implemented. Federal governments can also offer individual control procedures, ensure privacy of sensitive data is respected and also focus on accountability.For instance, federal governments can implement transparency rights which include rights to access information, to ensure there is privacy, and effective security practices on private data when controlling consumer transactions. This would ensure that federal governments implement principles that would mitigate any form of unauthorized access to data and improper data disclosure while controlling consumer transactions over social media links.Three Government Branches That Are Significant In Regulating Consumer Transactions over Social Media Outlets

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Psychology Started Looking At Stress From A Behavioural

Psychology started looking at stress from a behavioural point of view. However, as it developed it started taking into account other perspectives. This essay will focus on the perceptions of stress. Also, it will discuss how stress models have changed throughout history including various examples and considering influences it has today. Early models of stress put the main emphasis on physiological aspects. Walter Cannon studied in the early 1930s the involvement of hormones in stress reactions. He introduced the fight or flight response theory which is influential to this day (Morrison Bennett, 2016). The researcher Hans Selye developed the general adaption syndrome model (Pacak, Palkovits, Yadid, Kvetnansky, Kopin, Goldstein, 1998).†¦show more content†¦The stress theories at this point fail to explain the psychological or emotional aspect of stress. The life events theory, introduced by Holmes and Rahe in 1967 takes into account the psychological causes of stress (Bennett, 2000). Their theory claims that life events ranked according to their severity, could add up to cause stress. They could also be weighed against each other lessening stress (Morrison Bennett, 2016). However, it can’t explain why people who experience the same life events feel different amounts of stress (Bennett, 2000). Further, it fails to consider the emotional experience of stress (Bennett, 2000). A study by Kanner and colleagues (1981) refutes Holmes and Rahe’s assumption that major life events have a greater impact on stress pointing out the limitations of the life events theory. The researchers concentrated on the everyday hassles in life and found their importance comparing them to perceived stress. They found larger relation between hassles and psychological symptoms than between life events and psychological symptoms. Thus, focussing on life changing events, the theory shows limitations in regards to explaining everyday stress. One of the most recent models has been introduced by Richard Lazarus and colleagues. He put emphasis on work with humans rather than non-human animals, as Selye and Cannon did, which opened up new perspectives (Bennett, 2000). The human ability to plan ahead and make up scenarios is aShow MoreRelatedCognitive Psychology And The Management And Treatment Of Mental Illness1352 Words   |  6 Pages In this essay I will be looking in detail at two psychological perspectives, comparing their difference and similarities and how they would be applied to the management and treatment of mental illness. Also I will explain the theories of two psychologist highlighting their strengths and weaknesses and there similarities and differences. AC1.1, AC3.1 Biological psychology looks at the biological aspects of behaviour. It looks at how the brain s structure, chemistry, activity and genetic make-upRead MoreThe Five Approaches to Psychology Essay examples3712 Words   |  15 PagesName five approaches to psychology There are five approaches to psychology, Cognitive Psychology Cognition is the term used to describe a range of mental activities associated with thinking. Cognitive processes include reasoning, problem solving, paying attention and remembering. Social Psychology Social Psychology studies the way we interpret events that are going on around us and how we interact with one another. Physiological Psychology Physiological Psychology is the study of howRead MoreDepression: a Sociological and Psychological Perspective4924 Words   |  20 Pagesability to lead to the onset of depression, such as the family environment, the socialization setting, and the discrimination against gender in certain cultures and instances. Depression has many brothers and sisters in the medical world, ranging from disorders such as Dysthymia, postnatal depression and in some extreme cases of depression such as Bio polar, and major depression (Unipolar). But no matter what the diagnosis is or how serious the depression is, depression is not trivial and is a realRead MoreOutline the Simalarities and Differences Between Milgrams (1963) Obedience Study and Burgers (2009) Replication1550 Words   |  7 PagesBullen R2208481 DE 100 Investigating Psychology 1 TMA02 Outline the similarities and differences between Milgrams (1963) obedience study and Burgers (2009) replication. This essay will look at an important key psychological experiment carried out by the renowned social psychologist Stanley Milgram which was carried out in the early 1960’s (Banyard 2012) to determine how far ordinary people would go to inflict pain to a fellow human based on instruction from an authority figure, and that of theRead MoreThe Relation Between Job Satisfaction, Absenteeism, and Employee Turnover1720 Words   |  7 Pagessuccessful, it has to invest substantially into the domain of people skills, and their behaviour. Due to stressful working environment, many organisations loose employees due to lack of motivation, stress, lower employee job satisfaction and other contributing factors of behavioural sciences and psychology. All these factors have negative effects on the organisation and organizational behaviour simultaneously. Many experts are in concord that all these factors create disoriented and unmotivated employeesRead MoreThe Stress Levels Of Individuals W ith Dark Personalities2192 Words   |  9 PagesAbstract Stress having a negative effect on an individual’s personality, could be worse for one who holds a dark personality. The main purpose for this experiment will be to analyse and find an affect between the stress levels of individuals with dark personalities and non-dark personalities. This will be accomplished by using 60 second year psychology students who study in the University Of Kent. 30 participants will be in an experimental group and 30 will be in a control group however both groupsRead MoreSelf Defeating Behaviour2650 Words   |  11 Pagesâ€Å"Describe and evaluate two approaches to the treatment of self-defeating behaviour. The approaches should be selected from those introduced in module 5.† 2530 Words â€Å"Self-defeating behavior is the idea that sometimes people knowingly do things that will cause them to fail or bring them trouble. It is defined as â€Å"any deliberate or intentional behavior that has clear, definitely or probably negative effects on the self or on the self’s projects.† (Wikipedia: Self-Defeating Behavior) TheRead MoreQuestions On Health And Behavior3755 Words   |  16 Pageswill show and provide insight into the life of May Dunne and how she has continued with as much normaility as she can. â€Æ' Foundations of client’s health and behaviour Who is the client? A lady named May Dunne of who is aged 68years old, suffering from rheumatoid arthritis since 1995. May had hobbies such as playing the piano, sewing and watching TV. May finished school and became a housewife to David Dunne and five children. May liked to look after the house, and to bake and cook for the familyRead Moreï‚ § Critically Evaluate Core Transactional Analysis (T.a) Concepts and Practice4276 Words   |  18 Pagespractice * Assess personal and professional learning from this module. The first part of this essay starts by outlining the key concepts of T.A.; its assumptions, theory of personality and ego-states, transactions, strokes, games and the Karpman Drama Triangle, life scripts and existential life positions. It then goes onto critically evaluate core T.A. concepts and practice from the perspective of Humanistic, Cultural, Integrative and Behavioural approaches. T.A. is a Humanistic psychotherapeuticRead MoreBipolar Disorder ( Bd )1954 Words   |  8 Pagesrisk of suffering from it and if both parents have bipolar, the risk increases to â€Å"50-75%† (DBSA). According to Statistics Canada graphs, from 2008 to 2011 there have been an increasing amount of people that suffer from bipolar and similar mood disorders. This amount has increased from 1.9 million (2008) to 2 million (2011) and of these, there are around twice as many females than males who have been diagnosed with some kind of mood disorder. The amount of children from the ages of 12 to

Case Studies free essay sample

People management at Seaside hotel Seaside Hotel is an independently-owned, three-star hotel situated in Newquay in Cornwall. It has 108 rooms and permanently employs 30 full-time staff and approximately 40 part-time employees. During the period of peak demand between May to August, the hotel virtually doubles its labour force with casual and temporary labour. Cornwall presents a challenging environment for any business, particularly those that serve the tourism market. Business is highly seasonal with hotels experiencing very low occupancy during the off-season and many hotels choose not to operate during this time. The Seaside hotel operates all year round by supplementing its tourism trade during the off-season by offering discounted conferencing facilities for local businesses and as a cheap base for corporate events and activities, such as teambuilding weekends. Tourism is, however, vitally important for the region and its businesses and provides a significant proportion of all jobs in the South West. Cornwall can, however, be a difficult place in which to work. I would place Sophia in temporary foster care and set up biweekly meetings to understand her point of view of her current situation. I would also check her school attendance. And see if she needs some counseling to talk to someone about how she feels. We have a duty to protect that child not only from her living situations but also by placing her into a caring, loving family that will not allow this to happen. If she eventually comes to realization that this temporary situation could become a permanent situation maybe she will engage in the services offered and take things seriously the second time around, but never allow her to think it’s too late to make a change with her life. 2. How might the family’s previous involvement with the child protection system affect their willingness to engage in services the second time around? The familys previous involvement could be that they were not informed of why their child was being taken out of their care and they are just upset about the whole situation of having her taken away. The case worker could have just taken the child and gave no explanation or propose a plan to help the family provide a stable environment for their daughter which would make anyone unwilling to engage in services. I would hope that the mother would realize the longer it takes her to seek help and stay clean the longer it will take for her daughter to return home. If she eventually comes to realization that this temporary situation could become a permanent situation maybe she will engage in the services offered and take things seriously the second time around, but never allow her to think it’s too late to make a change with her li fe. I am sure the child is very insecure of the Human Services at this point. Especially due to the fact that she has had so many issues with them in the past, and nothing has been done, at least nothing that was making a positive impact on her future. I personally feel having a closer relation with this child and building up trust may be a very positive approach. Social service workers are helpers. One asset that we possess in this profession is the ability not to judge. In this profession, just like our lives, we see people progress and regress. It does not stop our willingness to help. However, we do change our tactics to help these individuals with each failed attempt. Scenario 2 John has been homeless for most of his adult life. He is often seen on the medians of busy intersections asking for food and money or wandering through the park talking to himself. John used to seek housing in a homeless shelter but often chooses to sleep in the local park. During the winter, the local homeless coalition attempts to talk to John about staying in the shelter but he refuses. Staying out in the cold has led John to being hospitalized on several occasions, but he maintains that he is better off without anyone’s help. 1. If you were a case manager for the homeless coalition what would you do to try and help John seek appropriate housing during the winter months? I would try to talk to John to see what happened all through his life and why he is homeless and why he refuses to stay in the shelter. There could be a mental or emotional underlying issue that could factor his reasoning with himself. I would try my best to offer John alternatives such as appropriate housing or shelter, along with assigning him to a case worker to follow up with and seek for resources. I would try to offer counseling and build that trustworthy client-caseworker relationship in order for him to understand and believe there are better ways to live in this world. Identifying the skills he may lack as well. It’s obvious John may be suffering from depression, lack of trust, and low self-esteem. The longer John remains in this state of mind it will be hard for him to get all his needs met. Adults, children and youth who have Developmental Disabilities are offered programs that range in intensity and setting according to their needs and desires – from highly supervised residential programs to job coaching and supported living. The Network strives to protect the welfare of individuals at-risk in numerous ways. I feel getting John involved in an organization like this one where he was taken c are of and receiving meds I feel he would be on the path to a healthy happy life. In this case it would be good to know what disciplines John most likely fit into. Psychology would be my choice. I would attack his mind and behavior for a solution. 2. How does John’s outlook about receiving help affect his ability to get his needs met? John has too much pride in his self to accept the help he needs. He is already got it set in his mind that he can make its own his own without any help from anyone. He thinks this is a handout to him. Many homeless have this mentality and they live day to day on the streets. John (as well as the many others) need to be reminded that these programs are here to help and are not a handout in any way, most of the programs that are out there for the homeless are set up to assist those in getting back on their feet and off drugs and the street. This is going to be a process in which we may have to take baby step to get the job done. First we must get John to trust us, and let him know we are his friends looking out for him. We must get him to a doctor, get him medicated and get his mental illness under control so he understands us and his situation better. I believe after those two steps we will see huge improvements in him, and I’m sure he will also want to make great changes in his life. . Resistant means they have to attend but they don’t participate, they miss their appointments, So, We want to give John whatever services he will accept. Scenario 3 Juan often runs away from home because his parents constantly fight and often blame him for their issues. Juan runs away for 2 to 3 days at a time and will do this at least once a week. When he is at home, he typically does not follow the rules and will yell at his parents and siblings. Juan has a history of defiant behavior, but his home environment has often been chaotic. Juan’s parents have been through family counseling, but they feel it was not helpful and are reluctant to do it again. Juan sometimes will run to a local group home that takes in runaway youth. 1. If you were a counselor at the group home, how might you work with Juan to get him to stop running away from home so that he is not sleeping on the streets? I would try to talk to Juan to ask him why his parents are fighting about and why does he think he is the blame. Then ask him has he ever sat down and had a talk with his parents to see if he can help them out being he is the oldest in the family. I would try to get Juan to understand that the only blame he should take responsibility for would be any deviant behavior that he does. His parents fighting and him being blamed for it is just a way for them to pass the buck onto him and make him feel bad. He is not responsible for his parents fighting and once he can realize that and put measures of emotional protection he would not feel the need to run away. However I would encourage Juan to seek positive ways to handle and deal with the stress from home, whether becoming involved with sports or other positive groups. Juan would be offered therapy and anger management classes. Trying to figure out what makes him the angriest and we both figure out a solution to the problem so that he can remain in his home every night and learn the importance of rules as well. . Parent’s sometime worry when t hey don’t know where their kids are, therefore, causing arguments. I would show him ways he could be an influential key to the other kids in the house. 2. How might you try to work with the family even though they have participated in family therapy previously and did not find it effective? I would try talking one on one with each family member. Since I have already talk to Juan, I would talk to his mother to see what she has to say and how she feels. Then I would talk to his father to see if he has been in Juan’s life from birth to now. After talking to the parents then I would talk to his brothers and sisters to see how they feel about him. Once I have completely talked to everyone I can understand what really happen or have a whole picture of all the problems. Then I will bring the whole family together and let them express how they really feel and how they want to stay a happy family. Encourage the parents to understand and accept the fact that there is a problem in the home and it starts with them. As a counselor there would be weekly follow up visits with the family. The family would be offered resources and as a whole we all work together to find a solution to the problems inside the household. I am a firm believer that one should never give up. And as a human services worker, I will never give up on a patient or a family. Maybe, they weren’t ready to change with the first session, I feel we must give up all we got in order to show change and get a positive result. To break the ice, I would start by asking questions like, â€Å"What do you see the problem being? † This gives the parents some since of control in helping the problem. I would suggest marriage counseling to stop the arguing. There has to be another reason for their arguments other than Juan running away.

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